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  • Skin

    Achieving perfect skin, hair & nails

    When I was in Portugal, I drank direct-from-the-mountain water. It was so sweet, clear and delicious, it was as they say, just as good as wine. I ate fresh, readily available fruits and vegetables from private gardens, grown without preservatives or chemicals. After a week...

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  • More Money

    Are You Giving Up Too Much Just to Make More Money?

    The quest for money is one that consumes many people. The idea is that if you work a little harder, and make a little more money, your life will improve. Unfortunately, at some point you are likely to reach a level where making more money...

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  • lug-tango-travel-wallet-woman-tickets-airplane-organize

    Traveling Essential: The Travel Wallet

    A travel wallet is essential for travelling. I basically consolidate my wallet into a travel-friendly package and it’s my Go-To, Must-Always-Carry-With-Me Wallet that makes life a lot easier when you’re hopping from one plane to another. What to store/have in a travel wallet Passport Other...

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  • logo-evolution-brand-companies-apple

    Effective Advertising: Brand names as names of the products

    This very unoriginal thought just occurred to me today: people use brand names as the name of the product. Credit Here is the list of words I’d use on a regular basis: Kleenex = Facial Tissue Papers Band-Aid = Adhesive Bandages Chapstick = Lip Balm...

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  • Fundraising IDeas

    Help Others: Get Involved with Fundraising

    One of the best ways to ensure that you are well-rounded financially is to do a little good for others. Get involved in a charity, or find other ways to help. You don’t have to just give money, either. There are plenty of ways that...

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  • Hong-Kong-Cash-Money-Bills-Asia-2011-Trip

    If the lesson was expensive, don’t pay for it again

    Ever hear the one about that couple who got into consumer debt, consolidated it onto their mortgage, and then racked up their credit cards again? Me too. Here’s what I say: If the lesson was expensive, don’t pay for it again.

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  • Cost of Living

    Before You Move: Consider the Cost of Living

    I’ve been thinking a lot about cost of living lately. At some point, my husband will get a full-time job as a professor, and leave the world of adjuncting behind. He likes being an adjunct, but he thinks that, with a little more experience, he...

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  • family-money-xkcd-946-comic-funny

    Making money needs to have a point

    If you are making money, you need to have a point of why you’re making that money: To pay the rent so you can live in a city To eat good food (not Food Bank donations) To save for your future so you can stop...

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  • Facile-Camp-Shirt-Examples-Sartorialist-Rumer-Willis-Paris-Fashion-Style

    Stylist Secrets for Women

    I had this list lying around for a while, collecting bits of quotes from a bunch of very fashionable folks from magazines and the like. Enjoy! Observe who looks good and figure out why you like their style Know your body shape Get out of...

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  • Splurge

    What are You Willing to Splurge On?

    I’m not the most frugal of people. I don’t particularly enjoy pinching pennies; I’d rather increase my income than try and figure out how to cut expenses. That said, I don’t consider myself a spendthrift. I have specific spending priorities, and I live within my...

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