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  • Singapore-Mao-Zedong-Rebel-Shoppers

    When to buy clothes when they are most likely to be discounted

    Tweet The best sales for wardrobe items are usually in the following months: January = Coats, outerwear and anything winter-y like scarves, gloves and hats February = Boots, High-end jewellery, Cashmere sweaters March = Handbags and Spring raincoats April = Spring Raincoats, All kinds of […]

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  • choose a job

    How to Choose Between Two Good Jobs

    Tweet One of the nicest conundrums to have is the requirement to choose between two good job opportunities. My husband began looking for a job in earnest a couple months ago. The job search paid off when he received to good job offers. Both were […]

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  • gift

    Why giving a gift is not as economically efficient as giving cold, hard cash

    Tweet Personally, I’ve said before that I prefer gifts I can eat, or money. I don’t really enjoy it when people gift me clothing, shoes, or anything that is a personal purchase. External hard drives, or an e-book reader by all means! My address is….. […]

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  • Life problems

    How to Handle Life’s Curveballs

    Tweet It’s been an interesting few months for me. I keep running into Life Events that throw me for a loop. From being sick, to providing end-of-life care to a relative, to suddenly getting ready to up and move across the country, the “fun” just […]

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  • watch-time-debt

    Calculate how long it’ll take to save double (Rule of 72)

    Tweet A lot of you die-hard PF’ers will have already known this, but The Rule of 72 bears mentioning. Whatever number you are looking at, and divide the number ’72’ by the interest rate. The number you get at the end, will be how long […]

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  • health care

    Tips for Reducing Health Costs

    Tweet Over time, health costs tend to rise. While there isn’t much you can do about inflation on a macro level, the reality is that there are a few things you can do to reduce your own personal expenses. Here are a few tips for […]

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  • bank-canada

    Banks in Canada: The Who and The Why

    Tweet Banks I’ve Used From age 7-15: TD Bank — child’s account, no fees. Age 16 – current: PC Financial — never any fees. My current credit cards are also from those two banks above: TD Visa and PC Financial Mastercard. Note: I am not […]

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  • cheat on your bank

    Is It Time to Find a New Bank?

    Tweet When you think about it, your bank is likely one of the more important relationships you have. Your money is kept at the bank. You use the bank to make payments. You might even borrow money from the bank. The way your bank treats […]

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  • Three Girls women size skinny weight fat women girl woman

    Everything is relative to your situation or you

    Tweet Years ago, Asian Pear posted a striking shot of three beautiful women pictured here: I looked at the photo and felt the girl in the middle to be the prettiest (as in healthy weight and figure). Asian Pear, felt the girl on the far […]

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  • use credit cards

    Why I Like to Use Credit Cards

    Tweet It seems a little “off” to some people that I like to use credit cards. After all, shouldn’t a personal finance writer be against credit? The reality is that the use of credit cards doesn’t have to equal debt. In fact, it’s possible to […]

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