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  • #dreamtogoal

    How to Set Financial and Life Goals

    Tweet Many of the life goals we have require money. Want to travel? You need money. Want to buy a home? You need money for a down payment. From retirement to college for the kids to a new big-screen TV, if you want to enhance […]

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  • stock-shopping-sale

    If I spent it, I wouldn’t have it…

    Tweet Sometimes when my friends get really annoyed shopping with me, because I am taking forever to decide on a $2 pen or something, I get comments from my friends like: “FB, you HAVE the money. Spend it. Gosh don’t fret over a $20 item, […]

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  • Black Friday

    Is Black Friday Really the Best Deal?

    Tweet We’re pretty well conditioned in our society to assume that the best time to get a good deal on holiday shopping is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving has long been associated with good deals and the best sales. However, does that really hold […]

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  • Minding the Details so You Aren’t Stuck Financially

    Minding the Details so You Aren’t Stuck Financially

    Tweet   Here’s the thing: for a lot of us, managing our debts and budgets isn’t about knowing what to do. We know what to do. We know that we need to pay our bills on time. We know that we need to pay more […]

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  • smile-red-lips-beauty-marker

    How attractive you are, plays a factor in your career

    Tweet Study from Blogs: Good looks will get you that job, promotion and raise The study conducted by Jeremy Biesanz, Lauren Human and Genevieve Lorenzo, showed a positive bias toward attractive people. “If people think Jane is beautiful, and she is very organized and somewhat […]

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  • worker smarter

    5 Tips for Working Smarter

    Tweet We’re often told to “work smarter, not harder.” This is something I’ve been working on in my life, in the hopes that I can do more with less. So far, it’s been working out just fine. I’ve been able to work less, but earn […]

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  • fresh start

    Starting Over After a Financial Catastrophe

    Tweet Being broke isn’t always fabulous, as many people found out after the 2008 global banking crisis. Some people lost their jobs, some lost their homes, and others lost their entire retirement nest egg. If you’ve experienced a major financial setback, you don’t have to […]

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  • reduce-stress-holiday-shopping

    Who has the power? You do.

    Tweet Who has the power? This is something people forget but if you are the one providing the money, or the services, then you also have the power in any negotiation. Let me explain: You go to a store, you see a pair of black […]

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  • create your career

    Have You Thought About Creating Your Dream Job?

    Tweet We spend a lot of time thinking about how to land a dream job. While it’s certainly possible that you will chance into a job that is perfect for you, the reality is that you will likely have to create your own dream job […]

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  • food truck

    Roadworthy: A Thumb Guide for the Roving Business

    Tweet   Once upon a time, a mobile business was limited to the types of payment that they could accept. Cash. That’s it. That’s all. If you were feeling adventurous, once in a while you’d accept a check from a very trustworthy customer. If you […]

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