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  • How To Start Your Blog With A Limited Budget

    How To Start Your Blog With A Limited Budget

    Tweet   There are hundreds of thousands of people that would want to start a blog but they do not think they have the money to do it. This is just a misconception since starting a blog in 2017 is definitely a lot simpler than […]

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  • What to Do if Contacted by a Collection Agency

    Tweet     You’ve seen the scene in countless movies and TV shows. The hero is having financial difficulties. We know this because we see a pile of unopened bills and letters from collection agencies. The hero listens to their voicemail and message after message […]

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  • Guarantor Loan Types

    Tweet There are two types of Guarantor loans and these are discussed extensively below to help you have a good knowledge of Guarantor loan if you want to apply for it. These two types are: Guarantor Loans up to £15,000 This credit type has these […]

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  • Selling your home during the cold months of the year

    Tweet Seasonality has a very real impact on the market – particularly if you live in an area that truly experiences all four seasons. House prices and the number of buyers looking for a new home can change drastically based on factors like the weather […]

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  • Tax Myth infographic

    Tweet The days when filing taxes involved reams of paper and an adding machine are long gone, but several myths about taxes still persist from those days. For instance, tax season continues to conjure up an image of hauling shoeboxes full of receipts to an accountant’s […]

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  • Baby Blues When the Bills Are Due: Personal Finance Advice That Every New Parent Can Really Use

    Baby Blues When the Bills Are Due: Personal Finance Advice That Every New Parent Can Really Use

    Tweet If you saw what the average cost of raising a child comes to, it might give you a few palpitations, not that you would change anything of course! It is therefore a wise move to take a good look at your finances now that […]

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  • Empty Wallet

    What It Really Means to Live Within Your Means

    Tweet All the top financial gurus are always talking about how people should live within their means. To many people, this sounds like a huge hassle where they have to give up all the things they enjoy in life. That isn’t entirely true. While you […]

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  • Why Passive Management May Be Bad For You

    Tweet Active managers actively decide what to include in their clients’ portfolios. Passive managers track market indices instead of choosing individual stocks. The merits of active management have come into question following the recent trend towards passive management. Typically the two methods are compared during […]

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  • Sell the House to Travel

    Tweet Last June, my sister, her husband and their three kids left Canada to travel across the Americas. Not across the United States, across North and Central Americas, the continents. They went from Québec, Canada all over to the West and down the US, Mexico, […]

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  • XTrade Europe Report: European Shares Update

    XTrade Europe Report: European Shares Update

    Tweet United States Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen made a much-awaited speech at the annual Jackson Hole summit.  In the speech, Yellen was quite optimistic about the United States economy and the global economy in general.  She did not explicitly say that an interest hike […]

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