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  • tax-joke

    Organized: How to keep your taxes clean and simple

    Tweet Speaking of taxes… time is always a burden on everyone especially if you aren’t careful and neat with your receipts. Bookkeeping is definitely an underrated task. And you can certainly send it out to a bookkeeper and just submit a shoebox of ALL your […]

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  • vitaminwater

    Water and its benefits

    Tweet I’ve always been a big fan of water. It’s calorie free, refreshing, sweet at times, and it does the job of quenching my thirst fantastically better than soda pop or juice (in my opinion). I’ve noticed that with chocolate milk for example, I could […]

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  • In case of emergency….

    In case of emergency….

    Tweet BF got hurt really badly the other day, and it shook me up to think that he came that close to ending up in the hospital, with cuts, bruises, stitches and who knows what. In the end, he ended up only with a massive, […]

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  • stock-clothing-wardrobe-colours-closet

    Business Casual Wear for the Summer (NSFW)

    Tweet I understand that summer is almost over, but it gave me just enough time to weigh in on what I see as appropriate summer work wear, and what is definitely NOT. Even in the most casual environments (jeans + t-shirts), we should all strive […]

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  • What are your deal breakers?

    What are your deal breakers?

    Tweet We all have them. Deal breakers. Deal breakers for friendships, relationships, working careers and just about anything you can think of. I once heard that a girl broke up with a guy (.. or was it that she refused to see him any longer?) […]

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  • 100 Foods – Have you tried most/any of them?

    100 Foods – Have you tried most/any of them?

    Tweet This is an interesting food meme. Origins? here. Things I’ve Eaten are in BOLD Things I will NEVER EAT are Crossed out For your information, the ones with weird names, I put Google Links to Wikipedia, Websites or Image Searches 100 ADVENTUROUS ITEMS TO […]

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  • Ugly is the new beautiful..

    Ugly is the new beautiful..

    Tweet I knew it was going to get to this point sooner or later, but this agency’s been around since 1969!!!! For the record, I don’t think these people are ugly. Actually, the agency’s name is “UGLY”, and it doesn’t mean to be a representation […]

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  • Paying more than your fair share

    Paying more than your fair share

    Tweet Lilli: Hi. The point with splitting bothers me enormously. I earn about twice what my boyfriend does and have been paying always about twice as he does on any activity, we do together. But it botheres me. I makes difficult for me to see […]

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  • Living with someone

    Living with someone

    Tweet As you all know, I’m now living in another city with BF. To move out, I brought everything I needed in these 3 bags: 1 Carry-On 1 Puma-like Athletic Bag 1 Backpack Granted, it isn’t EVERYTHING I own, I have about 2-3 large suitcases […]

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  • FB Retro: Bachelor Pads

    FB Retro: Bachelor Pads

    Tweet This is a FB Retro Post Not his apartment. One of my guy friends is lamenting about how he’s going to meet new women.. He’s a decent looking guy, nice personality, a bit quirky, but a genuinely pleasant person. Yet he can’t seem to […]

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