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    Why I am moving to Dallas, Texas

    Tweet Everyone’s curious about why I want Dallas, Texas specifically. 1. The food was tasty when we were there. It would have been awful to never have found good grocery stores or areas to shop at, but we found them EVERYWHERE! 2. It’s a big […]

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  • BBC’s list of 100 Best Fiction

    BBC’s list of 100 Best Fiction

    Tweet Got the list from Feli’s page. It is in concept, like the other Radcliffe’s 100 Book List, but this one sounds more like what I’d actually read. BOLD = Read NOT bolded = Unread 1. The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien 2. Pride […]

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  • 10 Things I hate about Hotel Rooms

    10 Things I hate about Hotel Rooms

    Tweet As you all know I’ve been travelling for the past 3 weeks on business. Not exactly my cup of tea since the whole point of moving to Montreal, Canada was so I could be with BF, but …. when money calls, it screams. Here’s […]

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    10 Things I Won’t Give Up To Save Money

    Tweet Stole this from Julie Rains over at Wise Bread. I found it to be an interesting post. In no particular order: 1. High Speed Internet If not only for blogging purposes, but for my excessive use of email to stay in touch and get […]

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    Shoe Wardrobe Essentials

    Tweet This was a reader question from Becky. She wanted to know: I’m an avid reader of your blog, and I especially enjoy your fashion advice. Your ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ were really useful for me as I find I always skip buying the boring basics and […]

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  • Since it’s a blog, I have to confess right?

    Since it’s a blog, I have to confess right?

    Tweet I bought 2 more necklaces on Etsy… I just had to. They were too gorgeous and unique to pass up. Include those in the shopping basket along with: But Ellen tells me that the first one with the black flowers may not be so […]

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  • 10 Organizing Tips

    10 Organizing Tips

    Tweet 1) Edit, edit edit. I constantly edit my things and belongings, because if you own 5 different types of pots or baskets for example, you end up only using one in the end. The other way to do it is if you KNOW you […]

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  • Politically Fashionable

    Politically Fashionable

    Tweet Let’s do a quick run down on First Lady Fashion shall we? Michelle Obama, 44, and Cindy McCain, 53 as well as a bit on Sarah Palin’s awesome jacket. Cindy’s face scares me by the way. I’d rather see wrinkles, laugh lines and spots, […]

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    Food and Meal Strategies

    Tweet Living Almost Large did a great post on meal strategies and asks if premade foods are cheap or expensive. For me, expensive. That’s because I do everything from scratch. But in a pinch, they’d be cheaper than going out. I thought this’d be a […]

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    100 Chinese Food Things MEME

    Tweet I’m on a roll with these meme’s! And these ones are more fun than the average “who are you”.. bla bla bla Who cares who I am! I only care about what I eat! Different deal from before. Bold + Green if I’ve had […]

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