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  • Ugly is the new beautiful..

    Ugly is the new beautiful..

    Tweet I knew it was going to get to this point sooner or later, but this agency’s been around since 1969!!!! For the record, I don’t think these people are ugly. Actually, the agency’s name is “UGLY”, and it doesn’t mean to be a representation […]

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  • Paying more than your fair share

    Paying more than your fair share

    Tweet Lilli: Hi. The point with splitting bothers me enormously. I earn about twice what my boyfriend does and have been paying always about twice as he does on any activity, we do together. But it botheres me. I makes difficult for me to see […]

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  • Living with someone

    Living with someone

    Tweet As you all know, I’m now living in another city with BF. To move out, I brought everything I needed in these 3 bags: 1 Carry-On 1 Puma-like Athletic Bag 1 Backpack Granted, it isn’t EVERYTHING I own, I have about 2-3 large suitcases […]

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  • FB Retro: Bachelor Pads

    FB Retro: Bachelor Pads

    Tweet This is a FB Retro Post Not his apartment. One of my guy friends is lamenting about how he’s going to meet new women.. He’s a decent looking guy, nice personality, a bit quirky, but a genuinely pleasant person. Yet he can’t seem to […]

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  • Top 5 pieces of software I can’t live without

    Top 5 pieces of software I can’t live without

    Tweet ***Sorry, this is only for the Windows PC because I use it a lot more than my Mac on a daily basis, and the Mac already has most of these cool features built into their own proprietary programs. Other than the usual culprits: Microsoft […]

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  • A Minimalist’s Jewellery Box

    A Minimalist’s Jewellery Box

    Tweet Okay, that title is a bit misleading because it’s not like I have ONE necklace, or ONE pair of earrings and one fabulous bracelet that would complete any outfit no matter what I wear. I actually have QUITE a bit left in terms of […]

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  • steak-meal-recipe-cook

    Steak with Mushrooms and Onions

    Tweet Steak: Seasoned with sea salt and soy sauce Mushrooms: A splash of red wine with a little hint of garlic teriyaki Onions: Sea salt and toasted garlic Extremely filling. I ate the entire plate but I wanted more.. so much more!!!!

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  • Tailoring Basics: Do’s and Don’ts

    Tailoring Basics: Do’s and Don’ts

    Tweet Some quick and easy ways to tailor your wardrobe and what to remember to purchase to make it easier to tailor in the future, just so it fits you better, especially if you’ve lost weight recently or are just looking to refresh what you’ve […]

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  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

    Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

    Tweet One of the best Commencement speeches I’ve ever heard. 14 minutes.

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  • How to add me: Using Google Reader

    How to add me: Using Google Reader

    Tweet I just realized (thanks to Mary), that if she’s asking how to RSS me, that means others have the same question too! So here’s my mini tutorial on how to add me to your Google RSS Reader… Sign in to your Google Account Here […]

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