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    Cooking while on vacation

    Tweet don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but it’s one of the easiest ways to save a bundle of cash. We cook every single time we’re on vacation. We try to book a hotel with a full kitchen or kitchenette, but if we can’t […]

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  • salted-caramel-starbucks

    Verdict: Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

    Tweet So I tried that Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate concoction (hey, this week seems to be all about trying sweet, new things…) Anyway, my verdict is a 5 out of 10. Total MEH. It was a bit too chocolate-y (which was the issue with […]

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  • Indian Desserts

    Indian Desserts

    Tweet I guess they taste better when they’re made fresh because all of these indian desserts I tried, tasted like sugary, textured chickpeas ground and shaped into blocks and shapes. The long rectangular ones taste a bit like dulce de leche (which gives me a […]

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  • pizza-tomatoes-bacon-cheese-BF-cooked-it-and-I-made-the-dough

    100 North American Foods

    Tweet Am getting lazy. No links. Same deal as before. Bold if eaten, Strike out if you’ll never eat it. 1. New York pizza 2. Hoppin’ John 3. New Mexico green chile 4. Homemade buttermilk biscuits 5. Tasso 6. Whole Maine lobster 7. Calabash-style shrimp […]

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  • Getting organized = Gaining control

    Getting organized = Gaining control

    Tweet The NY Times had an interesting article entitled To Create Order… First Get Organized. It goes over the life of a professional organizer and tries to explain a bit more on how they go through the process of organizing. It’s pretty interesting to learn […]

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  • whisper-secret-animal-cute

    Mandatory life skills?

    Tweet Apparently this is a list of required ‘life skills’. I think I can do about half of them, and the other quarter is irrelevant and/or I don’t know. Iron a shirt Yes. I can definitely do this. Put out a fire Yes. If given […]

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  • kraft-dinner-box-food-processed

    Kraft Dinner = Comfort Food or Crap?

    Tweet did an article (well a blog entry really) called Perceptions of Kraft Dinner. The gist of the article was: An associate professor at the University of Calgary co-authored a study that looked at people’s perceptions of Kraft Dinner. It was really an examination […]

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  • tax-joke

    Organized: How to keep your taxes clean and simple

    Tweet Speaking of taxes… time is always a burden on everyone especially if you aren’t careful and neat with your receipts. Bookkeeping is definitely an underrated task. And you can certainly send it out to a bookkeeper and just submit a shoebox of ALL your […]

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  • vitaminwater

    Water and its benefits

    Tweet I’ve always been a big fan of water. It’s calorie free, refreshing, sweet at times, and it does the job of quenching my thirst fantastically better than soda pop or juice (in my opinion). I’ve noticed that with chocolate milk for example, I could […]

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  • In case of emergency….

    In case of emergency….

    Tweet BF got hurt really badly the other day, and it shook me up to think that he came that close to ending up in the hospital, with cuts, bruises, stitches and who knows what. In the end, he ended up only with a massive, […]

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