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  • Open Letter to Subway People

    Open Letter to Subway People

    Seriously lady, when the entire train was near empty, what possessed you to decide to squeeze your lemon yellow ass in between the short space, JUST SO you could have the inside window seat on the RIGHT hand side of the train? Didn’t you see...

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  • FB’s Current iPod Playlist

    FB’s Current iPod Playlist

    My iPod playlist has gotten obsessed with the following…. Gym Class Heroes (f. Patrick S): Cupid’s Chokehold R. Kelly (f. Bow Wow, T.I., T.Pain) : I’m a Flirt Duffy : Mercy Weezer: Dope Nose The Emotions: Best of my Love Hinder: Lips of an Angel...

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  • I’m baaaack!!!

    I’m baaaack!!!

    I had a great time in Dallas, Texas..!! Friendlier Atmosphere The people are ridiculously friendly compared to Montreal or Toronto. Everyone smiled and asked how we were doing, which is a TOTAL change. I mean COMPLETE strangers said “How y’all doin’?”.. All the security guards,...

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  • man-stress-frustrated-work-career-job

    Are emotional affairs worse than physical ones?

    Note: I did post this before, but I had to delete it… (not because of the comments!)… but here it is again. I thought about something interesting the other day, and thought I’d try and expand on that further. And this is all written from...

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  • How cute would these 2 look together?

    How cute would these 2 look together?

    I love the ruffly nature of the dress, simple, but girly… and perfect for a summer wedding. And the green sandals I’m not totally keen on by themselves, but I could kind of see them casualling (lol NOT even an English word) up the dress…...

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  • Flavour Paper (Wallpaper)

    Flavour Paper (Wallpaper)

    Not your grandma’s wallpaper, that’s for sure. They’d be SO COOL as an accent wall, or a feature somewhere, or even for a kid’s bedroom. Maybe not even the whole wall. Just half a wall? Behind a huge cabinet with open space? Credit of all...

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  • paris-france-woman-red-coat

    What I’ve learned about choosing a good winter coat

    Colour Normally everyone chooses black or dark grey. This is so dirt doesn’t show up as badly, bla bla bla.. but really, if you get some dirt on it, or salt, it shows up MORE than if you had a lighter colour coat – the...

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  • Training yourself to be more organized

    Training yourself to be more organized

    A couple of years ago, I was the biggest packrat you ever saw. I also had files, folders, music, items all scattered all over my entire apartment and in a HUGE HONKING MESS Then one day, I looked at the pile of papers on the...

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  • Get Apartment Insurance!

    Get Apartment Insurance!

    Just the other day, a part of Toronto died in a fire (no one was hurt, thank god), but a whole section of the city burned down, about 12 buildings I heard? (Correct me, Canucks!) Not only was the area just declared a Historic site...

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  • closet-wardrobe-clothes-minimalist

    Professional Clothing in a Casual Marketplace

    Reader Mel and Blogger from I’m Not Kidding asked: By the way FB, I have somewhat of a fashion dilemma. I’m starting my new job and the dress is apparently VERY casual, like jeans everyday. When I interviewed I was definitely overdressed in a suit...

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