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  • 10 Organizing Tips

    10 Organizing Tips

    Tweet 1) Edit, edit edit. I constantly edit my things and belongings, because if you own 5 different types of pots or baskets for example, you end up only using one in the end. The other way to do it is if you KNOW you […]

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  • Politically Fashionable

    Politically Fashionable

    Tweet Let’s do a quick run down on First Lady Fashion shall we? Michelle Obama, 44, and Cindy McCain, 53 as well as a bit on Sarah Palin’s awesome jacket. Cindy’s face scares me by the way. I’d rather see wrinkles, laugh lines and spots, […]

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  • kid-girl-cooking-chef-cuisine-pot

    Food and Meal Strategies

    Tweet Living Almost Large did a great post on meal strategies and asks if premade foods are cheap or expensive. For me, expensive. That’s because I do everything from scratch. But in a pinch, they’d be cheaper than going out. I thought this’d be a […]

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  • chicago-chinatown

    100 Chinese Food Things MEME

    Tweet I’m on a roll with these meme’s! And these ones are more fun than the average “who are you”.. bla bla bla Who cares who I am! I only care about what I eat! Different deal from before. Bold + Green if I’ve had […]

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  • brigitte-bardot-face-change-woman

    Would you ever want to change your face?

    Tweet Kind of a weird question but read this article first, on this beautification software that was invented, and reported by the NY Times. The unaltered photo is on the left, and the ‘prettier’ version is on the right. I think the left photo is […]

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  • hainanese-chicken-rice-recipe-fb-cook-food-cuisine

    Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Tweet I made Hainanese chicken rice. Cooked in the chicken’s own broth, and seasoned well… it was delicious. This is MY version: And this is BF’s re-interpretation of my version, with much softer rice because he doesn’t like ‘hard’ rice…

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  • Had to come clean…

    Had to come clean…

    Tweet I had a perfectly tasty, amazing lunch in the fridge at work today, but I went out for chicken shwarma (shish taouk) instead, with a small piece of baklava and a fruity drink. Bad, bad FB. Granted, although I spent $8.18, this is the […]

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  • They gave me my money back!

    They gave me my money back!

    Tweet Know how I spent $272.92 on the kind of faux Green Card Lottery thing? They returned my money (almost all) in the sum of $240.14)! That means I only spent (or lost, however you want to see it) $32.78!!! This is a VERY happy […]

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  • Appropriate BF/GF Outing Behaviours

    Appropriate BF/GF Outing Behaviours

    Tweet I don’t know how girls/women deal with guys going to strip clubs, but personally I detest the idea. I don’t do it, and if BF did it, I would never want to hear about it nor know that he was there because I’d think […]

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  • chinese-peking-duck-recipe-meal-food-eat-cuisine

    Cooking while on vacation

    Tweet don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but it’s one of the easiest ways to save a bundle of cash. We cook every single time we’re on vacation. We try to book a hotel with a full kitchen or kitchenette, but if we can’t […]

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