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  • life insurance

    Life Insurance by Age

    Tweet     Did you know that insurance should be the base of all personal financial plans? It is so important and yet often not considered. Why? Probably because it’s complicated and pretty boring! Nonetheless, we should take care of our insurance coverage as a […]

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  • Do you have $600 worth of shoes you never wear in your closet?

    Tweet Jezebel reports: Apparently, the average British woman owns 20 pairs of shoes, eleven of which she barely wears. The total value of the average lady’s shoe closet? £720, or around $1,189. That means about $660 worth of shoes are sitting idle. Women buy an […]

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  • vacation

    Vacation Time! What do You Do For Summer Vacation?

    Tweet     My guess is that you are like me; I truly love my summer vacation!   It’s not only because I have some time off to disconnect from my job but it’s also because I plan tons of cool things to do. In […]

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  • bee

    You Only Change When it Stings

    Tweet     There is a theory that says the human being is the species with the greatest capacity to adapt. It is probably this incredible talent that enabled humans to go through history and survive while other species have perished. We are gifted with […]

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  • Food.

    Tweet I keep collecting these links for great recipes, and am slowly going through each of them one by one. Thought I’d share them with everyone, but also make a post out of it so I can keep track! Click on the images to go […]

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  • Woman sleeping on laptop at office. Needs natural energy boost.

    Get More Done With These Natural Energy Boosters

    Tweet When I worked a regular job, for an hour every afternoon, I’d struggle to stay awake. Unless a high priority project was due that day, I couldn’t snap out of it. Now that I work from home, no outside force prohibits me from falling into […]

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  • Shopping your closet: How to go from day to night in a single outfit

    Tweet Ever wonder how someone at work can just do a small change and suddenly be ready for night? Ways women go from day to night with a simple change: Wear different accessories for night (trade in a simple necklace for something bolder) Change your […]

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  • How I decluttered my closet

    Tweet Everyone seems to want to know the secret to decluttering my closet, so here’s my behemoth overview. How I decided to take action one day How did you get rid of all your sentimental items? How did I cut down my wardrobe by more […]

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  • The Procrastinator's Keyboard - Shop, Social Network, Watch TV. . .

    How to Procrastinate . . . the Right Way

    Tweet Given two choices, one that’s ridiculously fun and one that’s insanely boring, which would you choose? In her book Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, Mignon Fogarty gives the best solution I’ve ever heard for dealing with procrastination. If you’re going to […]

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  • New Age: Transumerism — Why own when you can rent?

    Tweet Renting is cool. At least, I think it is. Of course, it’s a fine balance between what I can afford to rent, and what I cannot (*cough* rental cars *cough*), but if I had billions of dollars, I won’t have to worry about owning […]

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