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  • Portfolio_GaiShanLife

    The headers are turning…

    … on my blog that is. I got an itch to redesign the site, and then realized that I loved my WordPress Theme just the way it was. So I am going to tweak the blog. This is what I spent most of yesterday doing:...

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  • FB(Old)

    Fabulously Broke in the City hits its 3rd year

    December 2nd, 2006 is when I started blogging as “Fabulously Broke”. I was $60,000 in debt, with $500 in savings and starting at my first big job determined to be the best corporate cog in the wheel, ever. 3 years later, I now have a...

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  • ribrainbow_large

    Random Sunday Roundup

    Once in a lifetime. Shared in my Google Reader by Jean of Jean’s Bargains! A Food-tastic Building Well, bus stops really. Via Web Urbanist Speaking of food, why do Pho (“fuh”) restaurants usually have numbers? Serious Eats tells us why. USB Panda Speakers for $27...

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  • Blog_SingaporeTaxiDriver

    A Singapore Taxi Driver’s Diary

    Mingjie Cai wrote an incredibly touching post today, and I highly recommend everyone go and read it. Every word. I was tearing up halfway through. As for the blog itself, I’m a new follower, having found it via some random links, and thinking “A Taxi...

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  • IntenseDebate

    Hi all! IntenseDebate and Social are installed now.

    Some blog changes I want to bring to your attention. Want a picture beside your name? Go grab a picture you want to use, and sign up for a universally used ID at Gravatar! It will become a globally recognized pic associated with your email...

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  • noodlefork

    Link love around the world

    I want this Calamete Noodle Fork. It would totally rock my eating experience. Via The Food Section. That short stubby section is supposed to stimulate a fork’s “thumb”. Lady Gaga meets Hello Kitty for a showdown via Catwoman And these Chinese senior citizens know how...

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  • angry man woman relationship

    Sick & have been just.. annoyed

    I caught a nice, nasty cold from my family. Great. And I have so many problems with them right now, I am exhausted from talking about it. My new rule for this year is just to never spend a night in their home again, and...

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  • Tweets

    All about @brokeinthecity Twitter

    My tweets look like this in a picture mosaic! Fabulously Broke of Earth has been using these words frequently: revanchegs, want, cute, leannainlondon, bacon, ashemischief, look, love, mashed, potatoes Via Portwiture. Big thanks to Mashable for the links!

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  • FB-Warhol

    Funkified Fabulously Broke

    I funkified myself using Here are a couple of my favourites. Via taken from Liam, The Man with the Past

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  • Piglet-Leaves-Fall

    Change in plans: Trip to Asia has been cancelled

    We’ve been monitoring reports lately, and it seems like the H1N1 virus is becoming a real problem in China. Since we were planning on going in November, it’s really out of the question now, as flu season will be in full swing and worse than...

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