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  • Handyman

    How I Almost Got Ripped Off

    Tweet Last week, I somehow managed to knock a sizable hole in a friend’s wall who was away on business. So I did what any sensible person in my position would do, I set out to cover up my mistake. Immediately, I raced to the nearest […]

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  • Not planning for retirement is like cramming for an exam

    Tweet Remember the good ol’ days in college where you’d stay up to pull an all-nighter, drink 15 cups of coffee* and type in a frenzied haze of caffeine? Then after you stalk a Kinko’s (printing shop) that opens at 7 a.m. to print your […]

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  • Fatigued Shopper

    18 Free and (Too Often) Forgotten Ways to Beat Boredom

    Tweet How do you put the breaks on boredom? Do you keep an arsenal of no-cost activities at the ready? Or do you rely on your wallet to snap you out of a funk? Clever marketers have duped us into believing life is a snore […]

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  • Reaching “financial independence”

    Tweet Everyone (including myself) stresses the importance of financial independence, but what does that really mean? For some, it’s a feeling. For others, it’s concrete. For me, it’s both. I think I finally felt like I reached “financial independence” when I hit these major milestones: […]

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  • What you achieve in your lifetime may not necessarily be achievable for your kids

    Tweet I find it interesting when I hear amazing stories about people arriving in a new country with only $10 or $50 bucks in their pocket, no job and no prospects for the future, only to make it to millionaire status by the time they’re […]

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  • His Fault, Her Fault

    Who’s at Fault When You Fail?

    Tweet I attribute my success to this–I never gave or took any excuse. ~ Florence Nightingale Blaming someone else for your shortcomings only leads to further failure and disappointment. You see, people don’t give a crap about you or your problems. Introducing the Pyramid of Blame As […]

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  • Makeup Shopping Blunders: Don’t fall for these traps!

    Tweet I just looked over my huge makeup collection and realized what brought it all on – impulse shopping! I am still using items from years ago. I talked to some of my other friends and they’re telling me that they have a ton of […]

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  • keep your job

    How To Keep Your Job Forever

    Tweet     The economy is tough.   Companies are asking more from their employees while cutting costs.   Everybody feels that they are walking on egg shells.   In some States, rent is more expensive than a mortgage payment. Still, people are not buying. […]

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  • I hate my job

    How to Thrive in a Job You Hate

    Tweet Disgruntled workers have a tendency to slack off in their jobs. After all, if you’re under appreciated, unfulfilled, and overworked, then naturally, you’re underpaid, right? What’s your motivation to cheerfully bounce into work early, voluntarily increase your workload, and quickly finish your assignments? Your […]

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  • Why you should pay for your own retirement instead of your child’s tuition

    Tweet Ideally, I’d love a situation where you can do both — cover your own retirement comfortably AND fund all of your children’s education. Unfortunately, we live in a world where sometimes, there simply isn’t enough money to go around. Retiring in Singapore? I met […]

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