Reader: Chunky necklaces okay with suits?

Chunky necklaces okay to wear with business suits?


You’re not talking about crazy large necklaces that fluff up around your neck right? Okay good. I’d try experimenting with a couple of styles with a business suit.

Keeping it too delicate (for me), is a bit too boring and conservative.

I like the look of a bright, bold necklace with a conservative suit. But then again, I’m more of an accessories girl than anything.

I would however, refrain from anything too bright, too colourful (I’m talking a rainbow in a necklace made out of huge chunks of papier-mache), or anything that overpowers the entire outfit.

Instead of a a classic chunky pearl necklace with a suit, you can see that the shape of the chunky necklace works, so why not try it in a set of bright thick stones? Or something more elaborate?

You want to keep it in line with the suit’s curves, slightly conservative (stick to a colour or a shade of colours in the same family), and to not have the necklace enter the room before you.

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  • Little Fish

    It’s a great way to add some personal character to a business suit as long as you are under 50, which you are so go for it!

  • PrincessImp.

    I gonna agree. There are really no rules anymore when it comes to fashion. As long as a person can pull it off, it’ll be a “DO”.
    Cute blog title :)

  • Danielle

    I love the look. Fun heavy metal with a nice suit is cute to me.

  • frugal zeitgeist

    My SO gave me a beautiful string of pearls for Christmas and I’m very attached to them; that’s what I wear to work. I like the alternative idea, though.

  • Squawkfox

    I think the photos presented look fab with a chunky necklace. I think it depends on the suit cut, and shirt underneath. I tend towards smaller necklaces though…the chunky ones feel uncomfortable around my neck. :)

  • Make Do Style

    Chunky necklaces are fab with business suits they excude status and femininity at the same time!

  • Kaio

    Love the name of your blog. It make me laugh!
    Cheers from London