The relentless pursuit of beauty

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And there are a ton of a sites out there that show you what models looked like before Photoshop retouching. Most common things to retouch:

1. Skin tone/texture – most ‘models’ in pictures are perfectly poreless, and have skin like a newborn babe. However, that’s because a baby’s skin hasn’t been under stress, or hormonal changes (like when you hit puberty) or even environmental damages (like sun damage etc…so wear your SPF 15 everyday because 85% of skin damage comes from the sun!!) But they retouch these pictures because having smooth, clear, poreless skin is a sign of beauty (harkens back to the whole baby thing).

2. Hair – they make it fuller, thicker, more luscious than what it really is in life. Either that, or you wear hair extensions & hair clip-ons on a regular basis to perpetuate that illusion a la Jessica Simpson.

3. Eyes – they make them rounder with a hint of an almond shape, more doe eyed and large, like a baby’s eyes. This again, harkens back to the whole baby thing.

4. Body retouching and numerous other things – Scars, tattoos, a bit of cellulite, etc, is all retouched out to make you think that these women in the magazines don’t have wrinkles or body problems. They all do!!, they just don’t look it.

Check out this website called “Greg’s Digital Archive“, he does a lot of Photoshop retouching on models. It’s amazing how ordinary they look…

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  • Jaime

    The sad thing was she looks pretty hot at the end without the photoshop. I don't know why they had to turn a pretty model and photoshop her to death. It kind of makes me think our society is sick, how much beauty is enough, when does it stop? Its just sad. No wonder little girls as young as 10 have eating disorders these days.


      Tell me about it. I thought she looked great as is.